FGFIMG About FutureGateway Framework

The FutureGateway Framework has been initially developed and simply called the FutureGateway in the context of the European project INDIGO-dc, further developments have been added in the context of the European project EOSC-hub providing its final shape of a complete Framework. Outside the context of the projects above, the FGF initiative is managed by the INFN Division of Catania.


Distributed and cloud-based multi-model analytics experiments on large volumes of climate change data in the earth system grid federation eco-system
FutureGateway a new multi-infrastructure framework for customisable Science Gateways
Two-level dynamic workflow orchestration in the INDIGO-datacloud for large-scale, image change data analytics

Presentations and demos

EGI Conference 2020 Presentation of the EOSC-hub Science Software on Demand service
InvenioRDM Project Meeting Reusability and Reproduciblity Platform inside the INFN OpenAccess Repository using Invenio+Zenodo customisation
BEILSTEIN SYMPOSIUM ‘19 Science Reproducibility and Reusability with FutureGateway and a Zenodo-like repository: the PALMS experiment
DI4R2018 Enabling scientific applications on hybrid e-Infrastructures: the FutureGateway framework
EGI Conference 2017 SaaS via a Portal: FutureGateway
Using FutureGateway for a Genomic Application
Molecular dynamics in the Cloud using FutureGateway
Cloudscape2016 INDIGO-DataCloud Use Cases


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